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Our experienced professionals proudly service the state of Ohio with liquid asphalt, emulsion, and dust control delivery and applications. Modern computerized distributors and trained operators provide accurate and precise applications. Our operators understand their equipment and the products they apply. Phillips services include:


Asphalt Distributor Service


Asphalt Emulsion Application & Delivery


Asphalt Cutback Application & Delivery


Transport Tanker Drops


Fog Seal Applications


NTSS1HM Trackless Tack Application*

Stabilization Cure Coat Application

Dust Control Services


POC provides a wide variety of dust control solutions including the application of products to roads, driveways or parking lots.  Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to provide cost-effective solutions for your dust control needs.



* US Patent No. 7,503,724 and US Patent No. 7,918,624

Fogseal Application-Delaware County

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